We want to make sure you have a perfect day on your Bachelorette wine tour, which is why we’ve created a Bachelorette checklist so you can decide if Beyond Bubbles is right for you!

Refined & Relaxing

  • We want a relaxing day sipping wine
  • We are curious to learn more about the wineries
  • We might have sashes and a veil
  • We prefer a comfortable tour van

Beyond Bubbles is for you!

Party All Day

  • We want to play music and party
  • We’re here to drink wine, who cares where it came from
  • We might bring out some fun straws
  • We prefer a large limo or will have more than 14 guests

We recommend you check out Vancouver Wine Tours or Canadian Craft Tours as they bring the party!

Please note – we do NOT allow open alcohol or food in our tour vehicles. You can NOT bring your own alcohol on the tour. These rules are strictly enforced.