Myself (Mary) and my husband, Alex, have not always been winos. We both enjoyed a few easy-drinking wines, but didn’t know much about what was in the glass and had never visited a winery! However, we are always looking to try to new things together, and on a vacation to Vernon and Lake Country, we decided to see what Okanagan wine was all about. We booked a tour!

My expectations going into this wine tour were that Alex would drink and enjoy most of the wine, and I would sip, and potentially spit out a lot of it! (Alex enjoyed a larger spectrum of wines than I did at this point.) Whether I liked the wine or not, it sounded like a fun time and I went in with an open mind – so many people are OBSESSED with wine, there must be a reason for it, right?

We had a blast on the tour thanks to our AMAZING guide (Shout out to Tanja with Elite Mile Wine). Even though we didn’t like all the wines we tried, we had a great time! She helped us understand more about what was in our glass and whether we liked it or not, it quickly became quite fascinating! Even though we may not have realized it, that tour day was when this adventure became a potential reality!

Now, years later, we have completely dived into learning about wine, especially our local BC wine regions. We can’t wait to share what we’ve learned and hopefully open other people’s minds to the rich and interesting world of wine! Even if you already enjoy wine, maybe it’s time to try something new and learn more about what makes wine so fascinating!